Feasts and celebrations: We organize feasts and celebrations with our horses and carriages

Carriage and horse prepared for a wedding
Caravans and horses prepared for a feast

Feasts and celebrations

Weddings, birthdays, communions, carnival, feast of Epiphany. The feast day we move to the right place with the time to decorate the carriage.

The horse

It is led by a Landscape and Adventure Guide. We have horses suitable for every occasion. We have 1, 2 or 4 available horses depending on each situation. We rent Hispanic Britons, mules and donkeys.
We have teams of 1 horse, 2 the trunk, 4 on the trunk and carts for parties of Three Tombs. We take care of the transport to the village and any vehicles can be equipped with embellishments.
We also have guides or drivers who take charge of decorating the horses, mount the cars and drive them throughout the party.