Caravan and horse: Landscape and adventura by caravan and horse

Route Caravan and Horse

Caravan and horse

This is the way to discover our regions, history, landscape, habits, food and people who, from generation to generation, live in a typical Catalan farm. You will also find peace and quietness with a certain dosage of adventure.

The route

On the departure day, you will be given all the necessary information to have a nice stay: fountains, Romanesque churches, stays in the above-mentioned farms, as well as the history, gastronomy, flora, fauna and folklore.

There is a wide range of duration (from 2 to 15 days) as well as of route. Each day you will travel between 15 and 20 km till reaching the farm indicated in your route, where you will be warmly welcomed. Once there, you will be able to leave the horse in the stable and then have dinner (in the caravan or, if previously indicated, on the farm).

The horse

It has been previously trained and will be led by you. On the departure day, a guide will go with you and then his or her presence will be optional.

The caravan

The caravan will become your residence along the route. It is equipped with a table, benches, beds, gas cooker, stove, cistern, utensils and cookery for 4 people.